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Class Descriptions

Thrive is the spunky member of Victoria BC’s Yoga and Pilates community.

Boutique Classes :: Specialized Equipment :: Excellent Instruction and Service:: Small Class Size

8 Participants Maximum per class


Pilates Level 1

Focusing on the five basic principles of STOTT Pilates, this class is specifically designed for beginners. With a wealth of teaching experience your Thrive instructor will lead you through a clear & precise exploration of the foundation exercises while providing a safe and effective full-body workout. Come & renew your relationship to your lovely spine & feel the effects in all aspects of your life. Designed for beginners and those working on their mastery of the fundamentals.
note: watching the ‘5 principles’ video here on our website is mandatory before attending this class.

Pilates Fundamentals: The 5 Principles
Pilates – Beginner Level 1

Pilates Mat 1-2

Focusing on the Stott Pilates 5 principles this class is specifically designed for the experienced beginner,  mastering  the fundamentals. Through this class you will get a  clear and precise exploration of the foundation exercises.

Pilates Mat 2

Expounding on the fundamentals, this class will explore a wider variety of exercises providing an opportunity to increase the degree of difficulty while reinforcing the importance of proper technique and body awareness. We will play with toning balls, TRX, fitness circles and therabands to make each class a unique and challenging experience for your body.

Pilates – Beginner Level 2

Restore & Strengthen

This class is designed to make sure you get the most out of your time. There will be deep and relaxing stretches to open your muscles and fascia, as well as Pilates (level 1) and the trx. Come and have fun, and feel your body be opened, balanced and strengthened in a safe and gentle way.

Hatha Level 1

These classes are based on the principles of stability through the skeletal structure, openness in the joints and awareness of energy coming from deep within the spine. Through gentle exploration and release of holding patterns we allow the natural intelligence of the body to function optimally, focusing on integration and a holistic approach to bringing harmony to the bodymind.

Matwork Power & Flow 2

This class amps up the intensity focusing on improving the power and stability of your arms, legs, shoulders, hips, and core. We focus on preventing injury while improving precision, control and agility. Power & Flow II also improves coordination as it retrains muscles that may have become imbalanced over time. The inclusion of light weights helps to condition the entire body from head to toe and the constant flowing movement enhances core stamina. This class is ideal for those wanting to keep moving!

Matwork Sculpt and Tone

Work up a sweat while sculpting and toning arms, buns and abs! Using body weight along with Toning Balls, TRX, and other resistance apparatus, this dynamic Matwork class incorporates squats, lunges, and other conditioning exercises that will have you working hard, but smart, and seeing results! Suitable for clients who have mastered the Group Matwork Essential repertoire (Level 1). This is a fluid faster moving class.

Level 1 Essential Mat Pilates

Ground yourself in the essentials of STOTT PILATES, mastering proper technique to reap the benefits of group classes. The next step for beginners, this class is also suitable for those who’ve been inactive or coming off of an injury. This series helps participants develop true core strength and stability while heightening mind-body awareness. Props add variety and build familiarity for more challenging classes.

Yoga Restore with Pranassage

This class combines gentle yoga postures and guided meditation for ultimate relaxation. Hands on assists are applied to add a deeper release using a grounding technique called Pranassage®. This combination releases the body allowing it to feel soft, spacious and grounded.

Pranassage® is a creative synthesis of yoga and bodywork that produces deep relaxation in the receiver. Pranassage is an engaging and efficient option for those who want to deepen the effects of yoga. Pranassage appeals to people with no previous yoga experience, as well as the seasoned practitioner of yoga or other active forms of body-mind integration, because it provides tailored personal support for going to your next level.

Pranassage works like this. The practitioner physically moves the client’s body into a flow of positions that allow them to feel each position from the inside out. As you shift your client into interesting movements and positions, they have the opportunity to witness some forgotten possibilities for motion and action that provide balance and relief throughout every part of their being. Being moved in this way allows your client to watch with awareness and without having to exert any effort. The brain-mind mechanism that determines our ability to move is beneath our conscious control. When we slow down to watch and feel how our body can move into positions in novel ways that do not require effort, the movement patterning mechanism gets reeducated and neurologically reorganizes to replace inefficient patterns with fluid, harmonious and efficient movements.

Somatics (based on Thomas Hanna Somatic Education)

In this class, Regina will guide you through a series of gentle exercises that focus on body awareness. Learn how to release tight or even painful muscles by first engaging them to the point you can feel the contraction, followed by a conscious deliberate release/lengthening and finally total relaxation of the muscle. Regina will verbally teach you the exercises and not demonstrate. You can make changes in your nervous system more effectively and efficiently when you focus completely on your internal sensations and process rather than on copying someone else’s movements. This class is suitable for everyBODY and is especially for those that suffer from chronic muscle tension and pain.

Read more about Somatics.

Long and Strong

This class will consist of combining strengthening and opening. You will experience a full body/mind workout that combines the holistic focus of Yoga with the precision of STOTT Pilates. This class will help to improve flexibility, core strength, and over all muscle tone by using a variety of props, & sequences. The intention of this class is to implement the balance between strength, posture, and alignment while keeping the body balanced and open. This class will be an energetic and exciting exploration of the body in motion, as well as stillness. This class is designed for those with a solid yoga and pilates foundation.

Fusion Flow Therapeutic — Level 1-2

A fusion of core work, yoga, therapeutic exercise, and massage. In this class we will use many props to help isolate, strengthen, stretch and massage the body. This is a gentle class incorporating somatic and remedial exercises to stretch, strengthen, and balance the body. This is a great class to rediscover and refine your yoga practice to creat balance and ease in your body and mind. The focus of mindfulness and blanching flexibility with strength. This class is suitable for those with some precious yoga experience and a desire to creaet a therapeutic practice, one that heals rather than hinders.

Slow Flow

A deep flow class inspired by a mix of hatha and vinyasa. This class will incorporate both standing and floor postures linked with vinyasa flows to strengthen and tone the muscles, detoxify the body, and calm the mind. Strong emphasis is placed on moving intentionally with the breath to cultivate strength, mindfulness, and alignment. Suitable for all levels.

QiYoga Flow

QiYoga is a unique and accessible combination of yoga, qigong. and other energy medicine,. It is designed to strengthen and increase our vital energy (“qi”, or “prana”), release stagnant “qi” from the body, nourish the joints, and improve balance, strength, the immune system, concentration, and well-being.

Mindful Restorative Yin

A gentle practice of supported postures with an emphasis on mindful breathing, present moment awareness, and a “metta” (loving-kindness) practice. We invite alignment of body, breath, and mind to soothe and balance the nervous system. All while offering gentle opening and stretching to help melt away physical, emotional, and mental tensions. A great bridge between a hatha yoga practice and a seated meditation practice.