Yin Yoga at Thrive!!!

Welcoming Lauryn to the Thrive crew! She has recently moved back to Victoria after living abroad in New Zealand.
Lauryn discovered her yoga practice at the age of 16, fell in love & never looked back. Her practice has shown her how to connect with herself and others, teaching her balance on & off the mat and has inspired her to explore & challenge all of her edges. Over the years Lauryn has practiced and taught internationally, but has now landed back to her roots on the West Coast. Always a student, she has completed a wide variety of yoga trainings primarily in the Bikram, Hatha and Yin Yoga methods. Lauryn’s Yin Yoga classes are an opportunity to let your body melt into new shapes, breaking up energetic blocks, creating space in the body and the mind. Her hope is that you leave your practice feeling inspired, refreshed and balanced.
Lauryn will be teaching Yin Yoga at the studio during  this cozy fall and Winter on Sunday’s at 5pm.
Come and relax, open deeply, slow down and re-calibrate yourself with this beautiful insightful practice.