Awareness Through Movement Workshop Happening at Thrive

Awareness Through Movement™ Lessons: Classic Feldenkrais®

Simple lessons, profound changes. In this 4-class series, learn to use your skeleton to support yourself in movement rather than excessive muscular effort. Based on principles of physics and developmental stages of movement, Feldenkrais® lessons generate new, more effective neural pathways while deleting parasitic ones. Gain more power using less effort and feel better in your body.  Suitable for all ages and levels. 

Date: Sept 25th – Oct 16th — a four week series

Contact Info:
Elena Henwood

Elena’s Bio: Elena Henwood, B.A., M.A., GCFP, became a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner™ after completing an 800-hour training program in Eugene, Oregon (2014). A mode of somatic education, the Feldenkrais Method™ espouses a paradigm of healing through learning. Drawing on the brain’s capacity for neuroplastic change, Elena teaches people to discern superfluous muscular tension, while introducing new, more effective sequences of movements. By learning to move better, students of Feldenkrais®inevitably feel better, and enjoy a refreshing sense of lightness and comfort. What Elena loves most about the Feldenkrais Method™ is the lazy, exploratory nature of the lessons. Less is truly more. Come find out why!