Class Descriptions

Thrive is the spunky member of Victoria BC’s Yoga and Pilates community.

Boutique Classes :: Specialized Equipment :: Excellent Instruction and Service:: Small Class Size

8 Participants Maximum per class

Pilates Level 1

Focusing on the five basic principles of STOTT Pilates, this class is specifically designed for beginners. With a wealth of teaching experience your Thrive instructor will lead you through a clear & precise exploration of the foundation exercises while providing a safe and effective full-body workout. Come & renew your relationship to your lovely spine & feel the effects in all aspects of your life. Designed for beginners and those working on their mastery of the fundamentals.
note: watching the ‘5 principles’ video here on our website is mandatory before attending this class.

Pilates Fundamentals: The 5 Principles
Pilates – Beginner Level 1

Pilates Mat 1-2

Focusing on the Stott Pilates 5 principles this class is specifically designed for the experienced beginner,  mastering  the fundamentals. Through this class you will get a  clear and precise exploration of the foundation exercises.

Pilates Mat 2

Expounding on the fundamentals, this class will explore a wider variety of exercises providing an opportunity to increase the degree of difficulty while reinforcing the importance of proper technique and body awareness. We will play with toning balls, TRX, fitness circles and therabands to make each class a unique and challenging experience for your body.

Pilates – Beginner Level 2

Restore & Strengthen

This class is designed to make sure you get the most out of your time. There will be deep and relaxing stretches to open your muscles and fascia, as well as Pilates (level 1) and the trx. Come and have fun, and feel your body be opened, balanced and strengthened in a safe and gentle way.

Matwork Power & Flow 2

This class amps up the intensity focusing on improving the power and stability of your arms, legs, shoulders, hips, and core. We focus on preventing injury while improving precision, control and agility. Power & Flow II also improves coordination as it retrains muscles that may have become imbalanced over time. The inclusion of light weights helps to condition the entire body from head to toe and the constant flowing movement enhances core stamina. This class is ideal for those wanting to keep moving!

Mobility & Stability Pilates

Build overall strength, increase mobility where it is needed such as ankles and hips, increase stability where it is needed such as knees and low back, and improve how you move in daily life. In this class, Jana will lead you through a wide range of exercises from Pilates on the mat as well as standing, dynamic stretching, barre, TRX, and more.

Slow Mindful Strength and Movement

This class will integrate full functional ranges of motions, as well as the relationships between pushing and pulling/lengthening and strengthening. We will work on balance, isolation of muscles and working on full body strength and mobility of the body. This class aims to strengthen movements that are more applicable and functional to our daily lives. To feel opened and confidant in the way that we move. To find our imbalances and strengthen them. This class will be challenging but will be at a slower pace and do-able for any able body.

Pilates Infused

Building on the fundamentals of STOTT Pilates, this class will infuse elements of yoga, conditioning exercises and dynamic movement. Participants will move through slow, flowing sequences which emphasize breath, muscular stability, flexibility and strength. The use of props will be included to increase the challenge. This is a level 2 class which requires a pilates foundation, as well as a knowledge of basic yoga poses.