New Classes Beginning this Fall


Wednesdays at 7:30pm with Emily Chernoff

In yin yoga we use our breath to center in, arrive on our mats, and ground us throughout the practice. Each pose is held for two to five minutes. This allows the deep layers of our connective tissue and fascia to soften, increasing our bodies mobility. In each pose we focus on bringing our awareness inwards. Our intentions are mindful as we move, ground, breathe and become present with ourselves. This class is welcoming for all levels.


Therapeutic yoga

Fridays at 10:45am with Emily Kersey

Therapeutic yoga is a gentle class incorporating somatic and remedial exercises to stretch, strengthen and balance the body. In this class, participants will learn poses and sequences to balance the pelvic and shoulder girdles while aligning and releasing through the spine. There are no sun salutations in this class. This is a suitable class for beginners and those looking to heal and balance the body.

As a Massage Therapist, the class instructor, Emily Kersey, practices yoga to correct muscular imbalances and brings her knowledge of the body to her classes to assist students to better understand what poses are helpful, where one should feel the stretch and what adjustments are best for each individual.