Our Studio

The interior of Thrive Yoga Studio in Victoria, as designed by Jodi McKeown Foster, makes a small space feel bright and spacious.

We pride ourselves on having something to offer everyone. Our small boutique sized classes enables instructors to personalize classes to each person’s individual needs. They are able to challenge and educate under a watchful and caring eye allowing our students to feel that yoga and Pilates is much more accessible to them on many levels.

Our vision at Thrive was always to have small sized classes so that everyone can have a rich, more personalized experience often found only in private sessions but in a community setting at an affordable rate. Many people find themselves lost in a larger studio class, unsure if they are doing the right thing and often unable to ask the instructor for clarification. Not at Thrive! We have a wide variety of styles and levels to choose from at Thrive Studio. Classes are limited to 8-10 participants depending on particular class.