Live to Thrive - Pilates
Pilates is an intelligent, profound fitness system that has the power to transform your relationship to your body.

Here at Live to Thrive, we teach STOTT Pilates. With regular practice, it will increase your body’s awareness, strength, flexibility and endurance. The benefits of are many: core strength and stability, regaining you optimal spine, heightened mind-body awareness, pain relief, enhanced physical performance, and effective rehabilitation. At Thrive, our crew of inspired teachers ensure that no two workouts are alike so your body will continue to be challenged by exploring a diversity of exercises and equipment. Whether you are looking to have your limits challenged or seeking a more gentle/therapeutic experience, Pilates is for everyone! Let us assist you in finding a class that works for you!

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Pilates – Beginner Level 1

Pilates – Beginner Level 2

Pilates Fundamentals – The 5 Principles