Spring into Fitness and Well Being

Class Schedule


Matwork Power & Flow 2

This class amps up the intensity focusing on improving the power and stability of your arms, legs, shoulders, hips, and core. We focus on preventing injury while improving precision, control and agility. Power & Flow II also improves coordination as it retrains muscles that may have become imbalanced over time. The inclusion of light weights helps to condition the entire body from head to toe and the constant flowing movement enhances core stamina. This class is ideal for those wanting to keep moving!


Matwork Sculpt and Tone

Work up a sweat while sculpting and toning arms, buns and abs! Using body weight along with Toning Balls, TRX, and other resistance apparatus, this dynamic Matwork class incorporates squats, lunges, and other conditioning exercises that will have you working hard, but smart, and seeing results! Suitable for clients who have mastered the Group Matwork Essential repertoire (Level 1). This is a fluid faster moving class.


Level 1 Essential Mat Pilates

Ground yourself in the essentials of STOTT PILATES, mastering proper technique to reap the benefits of group classes. The next step for beginners, this class is also suitable for those who’ve been inactive or coming off of an injury. This series helps participants develop true core strength and stability while heightening mind-body awareness. Props add variety and build familiarity for more challenging classes.


More new classes springing up… Yoga and strength; slow asana with strengthening exercises using equipment.


Class Schedule