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Thrive News

Rewards Program with Perksville!

Thrive Studio is now offering a rewards program with Perksville! It's simple — earn points to get free classes, $$ off punch cards, and a one-month unlimited membership. How's that for a deal! Here's how to earn points: Refer a friend: 40 pts Have a birthday - 30pts attend a class - 15 pts facebook post - 5 pts twitter post - 5 pts's that easy. To get started, sign up with Perksville. See you on the mat!

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Introducing a new course: Yoga For Beginners!

Have you or someone you know wondered about trying yoga and don't know where to start? This Beginners Series will focus on setting safe foundations, noticing your own breath in relation to poses and movement, studio etiquette and ample time for questions. We will move through some of the main postures, key cues (and what the heck they mean) and how to move in out of them safely. It will be a warm and welcoming space and you will come...

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Now’s the time to join… Special introductory offer!

If you've been wanting to join one of our classes but just haven't gotten around to it, now's the time to give us a try! Thrive Studio is proud to announce we're now offering classes in Thai Massage, Kundalini yoga, yoga and meditation, and Yin yang yoga. Not only that, but for folks who are new to the studio we're offering one month unlimited membership for $80. If you have any questions about the classes we offer, feel free to...

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Thrive’s Specialty Classes

New Yogassage Classes Yogassage is a practice that incorporates breath work, movement, visualization, sensory focus, stillness, and meditation. Thai massage will be incorporated as hands on and hands free body adjustments to explore the energy, shapes and sensations that describe who we are moment to moment. It is an unfolding and deepening practice of explorations and observations. This is a gentle practice that honors a relationship with self, others and all. This class is suitable for all levels of practice....

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March News

Happy Spring!!!! from Kula the new spunky member of Victoria’s yoga and Pilates community. We are currently going through our name change which has been a very big undertaking. Coming up with something as great as Kula has been hard. We hope you like our new name which will be announced soon. We encourage you to sign up for all classes to reserve your spot! We have a few new Yoga classes to offer! Tara has a wonderful class for...

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December News

Happy New Year from Kula! the new spunky member of Victoria's yoga and Pilates community. With the start of every New Year comes thoughts of New Year’s resolutions. This year should be no exception. Start the year out right and celebrate a new you with one of the renewing and rejuvenating personal, boutique-style classes offered at Kula Studios. Make a resolution to be good to your body this year and give it the attention it deserves from the inside out....

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