Thrive’s First Qigong Class!

This class will be starting Thursday, October 15th at 9:30

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Whether you are new to Qigong or already experiencing the many benefits, join me to practice and learn more. Qigong (energy work) is a 5000 year-old sophisticated system of  health preservation, yet amazingly simple and powerful. In Chinese Medicine the main organs of the body are seen as reservoirs of energy, which control our physical, emotional and mental health. When there is stagnation, or an unbalance of Qi, health problems arise, especially when we get older. To gather, circulate , balance and cultivate this life-force energy is the purpose of Qigong.

First class starts on Thursday, October 17. We will practice one of the most famous and basic Qigong forms: The Eight Brocades. This a set of eight movements, with many variations over the centuries. It is very good for stretching the meridians, calming and balancing the whole body. In the next class(es) we will introduce other forms. In each class much attention will be given to the principles and theory of Chinese Medicine, to help you apply them for your own benefit. Probably the most powerful aspect of Qigong is that results gets better over time. There’s no aging here. See you in class!