You’ll Fall for our New Fall Classes

Join Renee and Meg for their new classes starting this month.


Restore and Nurture Yoga — Thursday nights at 6:15

Join Renée Ahmadi for a gentle therapeutic yoga class that will restore your body and mind with a combination of gentle joint mobilizing movements and longer supported postures. This class is welcome to all levels and experience levels and will take place in a warm room. Restorative postures provide the time and space to hold a posture without strain and can boost the immune system, recover from injuries and illness, nurture the central nervous system and improve overall health and well being. This class will adapt to meet the specific needs of regular students. Come treat yourself!



In this class we take our time, lingering in longer held supported postures that give body, mind, and heart, space from the noise and momentum of life.

This passive and meditative restorative practice gives us an opportunity to check in and connect to ourselves by winding down through deep rest. It is essential in our busy lives to take the time to calm, check in, and rest our nervous system to heal. This class gives you the opportunity take a moment to step away and do so something wonderful for yourself.

You can expect lots of bolster love, gentle acupressure touch (Meg will weave in her knowledge of TCM) , and a reset to start the weekend off right.

Barre With Me

This flow class is designed for anyone looking for quick results and a challenging workout that will meet you wherever you are on your fitness journey. We will be pulling out all of the toys in the studio to provide opportunities for strength training with Light weights. and high reps. Your whole body will feel the strength, cardio, and stretching with options and challenges that will rapidly transform your body.

If you are looking for a fun class where you will get it all in before you start your day, then this is the class for you!
This will be a stronger practice so come with knowledge of the foundations of Pilates and a healthy body.